Faculty and Staff

Sarah A Raskin, Director
Charles A. Dana Research Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Life Sciences Center 201, (860)297-2342
Email: Sarah A Raskin
  Administrative Assistant(s)
Roxane Porter
Office Coordinator, Life Sciences
Life Sciences Center 212, (860)297-2539
Email: Roxane Porter
Ann E. St. Amand
Office Assistant, Biology and Psychology
Life Sciences Center 214, (860)297-2537
Email: Ann E. St. Amand
William H Church
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Neuroscience
Clement 310, (860)297-2215
Email: William H Church
Hebe M Guardiola-Diaz
Associate Professor of Biology and Neuroscience
Life Sciences Center 242, (860)297-2351
Email: Hebe M Guardiola-Diaz
Molly Helt
Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Life Sciences Center 208, (860)297-2240
Email: Molly Helt
Susan A. Masino
Vernon Roosa Professor of Applied Science
Life Sciences Center 202, (860)297-2557
Email: Susan A. Masino
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David N. Ruskin
Research Associate Professor
Life Sciences Center 108, (860)297-2237
Email: David N. Ruskin
Chris Swart
Senior Lecturer and Laboratory Coordinator in Neuroscience
Life Sciences Center B006, (860)297-2350
Email: Chris Swart
  Cross-listed Faculty
Daniel G Blackburn
Thomas S. Johnson Distinguished Professor of Biology
Life Sciences Center 247, (860)297-2231
Email: Daniel G Blackburn
J. Harry Blaise (On leave)
Associate Professor of Engineering
MECC 395, (860)297-2225
Email: J. Harry Blaise
Elizabeth D. Casserly (On leave)
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Life Sciences Center 206, (860)297-2356
Email: Elizabeth D. Casserly
Kent D Dunlap
Professor of Biology
Life Sciences Center 245, (860)297-2232
Email: Kent D Dunlap
Dan Lloyd
Brownell Professor of Philosophy
McCook 326, (860)297-2528
Email: Dan Lloyd
Kari L. Theurer (On leave)
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
McCook 314, (860)297-2494
Email: Kari L. Theurer
  Staff Support
Erin L. Mostoller
Laboratory Manager and Chemical Hygiene Officer
Life Sciences Center 124, (860)297-2227
Email: Erin L. Mostoller