Learning Goals

Content Goals 

Students will demonstrate proficiency in the following areas of mathematics: 

1.   Calculus
2.   Linear Algebra
3.   Abstract Algebra
4.   Real Analysis 

Students will demonstrate proficiency in a variety of mathematical disciplines among the elective courses.

Writing Goals 

Students will demonstrate their ability to write mathematics by producing proofs that are logically correct and written in clear, concise English 

Mastery Goals 

Students will demonstrate the following skills: 

1.   Understand and use the basics of mathematical logic.

2.   Understand and apply a formal definition of a mathematical object, such as a group or a continuous function.

3.   Be able to prove results using a variety of proof techniques, including direct proofs and proofs by contradiction, contraposition, and induction.

4.   Solve problems by applying known results and techniques in a new context.