Dorwart Professorships

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous alumnus, the Department of Mathematics has established a series of visiting assistant professorships, named after the late Harold L. Dorwart, a long time member of the faculty. The goal of these three-year postdoctoral positions is to bring a steady flow of outstanding new mathematicians to Trinity. Each Dorwart assistant professor will be matched with a senior faculty member, who will be both a mentor and collaborator. 

The ideal candidate for the Dorwart assistant professorship will have both strong research potential and a commitment to teaching at a liberal arts institution. The teaching load is five courses per year; one of those courses will be a research seminar taught in conjunction with the senior faculty member. To make the positions as attractive as possible, the salaries will be extremely competitive and will be supplemented with a travel and research expense stipend.

Current and Past Dorwart Professors:


 Name   Period   Mentor


Li-An Daniel Wang  2012-2015  David Cruz-Uribe  Harmonic analysis

Lisa Melanson            
Keith Jones


 Melanie Stein

Applied Mathematics

 Geometric Group Theory

Jeong-Ok Choi  2009-2012  John Georges  Graph Theory
 Mohammad Javaheri  2008-2011  Mary Sandoval  Geometric Analysis
 Lynette Boos  2006-2009  David Robbins  Functional Analysis
 Yan Wang  2005-2008  David Mauro  Graph Theory
 Christian Rios  2004-2007  David Cruz-Uribe  Harmonic Analysis and PDEs
 Matthew Horak  2003-2006  Melanie Stein  Geometric Group Theory
 James McLaughlin  2002-2005  Nancy Wyshinski  Continued Fractions
 David Erwin  2001-2004  John Georges  Graph Theory and Combinatorics
 Terje Hoim  2000-2003  David Robbins  Functional Analysis