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Japanese 201/202


Instructor: Atsuko Miyazaki
Seabury S-001    
(860) 297-4172

Office Hours: TuTh 10:20-11:30 a.m., W 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., or by appointment
Drill Instructor: Rieko Wagoner
Seabury S-003
(860) 297-2434
Textbook: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese GENKI II, by E. Banno, Y. Ohno, Y.Sakane, C. Shinagawa and K. Takashiki, The Japan Times, Ltd.

Attendance and Participation: The development of competence in a language requires regular and structured interaction opportunities. Because this course takes attendance seriously, each missed class will have specific consequences and will have a negative impact on your final grade. Thus your attendance in this class is a matter of great significance. Be aware that because this class is small, your absence (and presence) will be noted.  Please be punctual, as entering the classroom after class in progress is a distraction to both the instructor and the other students. Be aware that you are graded on your participation in class, not simply your attendance. Regular and enthusiastic participation and involvement in the class is expected.

Policy on late assignments and make-ups: All assignments are to be handed in at the start of each class.  No credit will be given to late homework papers; however, you are encouraged to complete and submit assignments even if it is past the due date for the benefit of your own study and feedback.  Your three lowest homework grades will be dropped at the end of the term.  Make-ups for quizzes and exams will be given only when there is a legitimate reason. Whenever possible, such make-ups should be arranged within two class days of the missed quiz or exam.

No eating or using cell phones in the classroom, please.


JAPN 202  Intensive Intermediate Japanese  

Instructor:Atsuko Miyazaki
Seabury 001 (860)297-4172
Office Hours: MWR 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., or by appointment
Drill Instructor:Rieko Wagoner
Seabury 003  (860)297-2434

Textbook: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese GENKI II, by E. Banno, Y. Ohno, Y.Sakane, C. Shinagawa and K. Takashiki, The Japan Times, Ltd.

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Course Description: Building on the skills and knowledge acquired in JAPN 201, students will continue to improve their four basic skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in a functional way through 1) introduction to vocabulary and basic grammar; 2) drills, and application exercises; 3) and weekly quizzes. In addition to the kanji characters that have already been mastered in 201, about 150 kanji will be introduced through reading comprehension and writing exercises.

Course Objectives and Goals: The main goals of this course are to achieve proficiency in four basic skills; to attain good application of the material in an authentic environment; and to increase knowledge of the language in cultural and social contexts.

This course covers the whole textbook through the year. Each lesson is divided into two sections (Dialogue and Grammar & Reading and Writing) and will normally be covered in two-week sequences. There will be three quizzes on the vocabulary, kanji, and grammar introduced in each lesson. There will be individually scheduled oral interviews, a mid-term, and a final exam.

Grade Calculation:
​Attendance & Participation ​10%
​Homework ​30%
​Quizzes ​20%
​Mid-Term Exam ​15%
​Final Exam ​25%