Minor Requirements

Jewish Studies

Jewish studies involves a multi-disciplinary investigation of Jewish civilization in its many historical and geographical manifestations. The scope of the Jewish studies curriculum covers Jewish civilization from its ancient Near Eastern origins to its contemporary history and culture in Israel and the diaspora communities. This minor emphasizes various cross-cultural perspectives on, and multi-disciplinary approaches to, the study of Jewish civilization. Majors in Jewish studies may not take this minor.

Course requirements:

The minor requires six courses, including two core courses, two courses in Hebrew language, and two electives. Taken as a whole, the courses must represent at least three different fields, and may include no more than three courses from any one field. In addition, students are required to complete an exercise in the integration of knowledge acquired in the courses.

  • Core courses (two courses)—A third may be counted toward the elective requirement.
    • RELG 109. The Jewish Tradition
    • RELG 211. Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
    • HIST 213. Modern Jewish History
  • Language (two courses)—All students in the Jewish studies minor must satisfactorily complete the introductory sequence in either modern Hebrew (HEBR 101, 102) or Biblical Hebrew (RELG 103, 104), or else pass an examination demonstrating an equivalent level of competence. Students who pass such an examination must take two other courses in Modern or Biblical Hebrew at a level appropriate to their qualifications, arrive at the beginning level of Hebrew language acquisition (Biblical or modern), or pass an examination demonstrating that level of competence. The following language courses are available:
    • HEBR 101. Elementary Modern Hebrew I
    • HEBR 102. Elementary Modern Hebrew II
    • HEBR 201. Intermediate Modern Hebrew I
    • HEBR 202. Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
    • HEBR 301. Advanced Modern Hebrew I
    • HEBR 302. Advanced Modern Hebrew II
    • RELG 103. Elementary Biblical Hebrew I
    • RELG 104. Elementary Biblical Hebrew II
    • RELG 203. Readings in Hebrew Literature
    • RELG 204. Readings in Hebrew Literature II
    • RELG 304. Readings in Post-Biblical Hebrew Literature
  • Electives (two courses)—Participants in the minor may choose from any of the elective courses listed below. Students may petition the director to pursue elective study outside of this approved list. A one-credit internship may be counted as an elective.
    • CLCV 300. Archaeological Excavation
    • HIST 384. Christians and Jews in Medieval Europe
    • HIST 401-69. Jews and Judaism in the European Imagination
    • HIST 451-31. The Holocaust
    • JWST 206. Interests and Positions in the Arab-Israeli Conflict
    • JWST 399. Independent Study
    • RELG 205. The Emergence of Judaism
    • RELG 206. Judaism in the Middle Ages
    • RELG 209. Religion in the Contemporary Middle East
    • RELG 214. The Jews in America
    • RELG 218. Judaism in the 20th Century
    • RELG 307. Jewish Philosophy
    • RELG 308. Jewish Mysticism
  • Integration of knowledge—To demonstrate an integration of interdisciplinary work in the Jewish studies minor, students write a paper (after taking at least four courses towards the minor) that integrates the material learned from the several courses. The paper must be eight to 10 pages long and is to be submitted to the coordinator.