Faculty and Staff

Samuel D Kassow, Director
Charles H. Northam Professor of History
Seabury Hall T124, (860)297-2390
Email: Samuel D Kassow
  Administrative Assistant(s)
Marjorie R. Harter
Administrative Assistant, Philosophy, Religion, & Jewish Studies
McCook Academic Building 202, (860)297-2472
Email: Marjorie R. Harter
Michal Ayalon
Lecturer in Language and Culture Studies
Seabury Hall 006, (860)297-2582
Email: Michal Ayalon
Jonathan Elukin
Associate Professor of History
Seabury Hall N037, (860)297-4264
Email: Jonathan Elukin
Ronald Kiener
Professor of Religion
McCook209, (860)297-2425
Email: Ronald Kiener
Aimee L. Pozorski
Visiting Professor of Jewish Studies
McCook, (860)297-2472
Email: Aimee L. Pozorski
Gary Reger
Hobart Professor of Classical Languages
Seabury Hall N031, (860)796-8568
Email: Gary Reger
Martha K Risser
Associate Professor of Classics
Seabury Hall T-208, (860)297-2386
Email: Martha K Risser
Seth L. Sanders
Associate Professor of Religion
McCook 207, (860)297-2239
Email: Seth L. Sanders
Mark R Silk
Director, Leonard Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life and Professor of Religion in Public Life
71 Vernon Street, (860)297-2352
Email: Mark R Silk