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Course Schedule for JEWISH STUDIES - Spring 2017
Course ID Title Credits Type Instructor(s) Days:Times Location Permission
Dist Qtr
5052 JWST-206-01 Arab/Israeli Conflict 1.00 LEC Kiener,Ronald MW: 1:15PM-2:30PM LSC - AUD GLB5  
  Enrollment limited to 40
  An examination of the dynamics of the Arab/Israeli conflict, especially since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. The course will focus on the changing interests and positions of the parties involved: Israel, the Palestinians, the Arab states, and the important international players. It will also highlight contradictions within the major camps.
4459 JWST-220-01 Mod Israeli Lit & Jew Heritage 1.00 LEC Ayalon,Michal MW: 2:40PM-3:55PM MECC - 220 HUM  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  Artists, and especially writers and poets, are the seismographs and mirrors of society, anticipating and reflecting its many forces and movements. During the past two hundred years Jewish life has been profoundly affected by such forces and movements as emancipation, the Enlightenment, assimilation, Zionism, and the Holocaust. A primary focus of modern Israeli writers is the birth of the State of Israel and its ongoing struggles, internally as well as with its Arab neighbors. One of the main ways Hebrew literature captures these significant changes is through the use of biblical themes, images and archetypes which resonate through the generations. This course will examine the ways in which modern Hebrew literature enriches and brings deeper understanding of collective Jewish experiences and detects and shapes the reality of modern Israel.
5228 JWST-222-01 Jewish Literature and Film 1.00 LEC Patt,Avinoam J. TR: 1:30PM-2:45PM LSC - 136 HUM  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  This course explores adaptation of modern Jewish literature to the motion picture. We will explore representations of Jewish life, culture, religion and history in literature and films dealing with the American experience, the Holocaust, and Israel. Mixing history and representation, we will examine how Jews and Jewish history have been represented and misrepresented in films which seek to translate literature into film. We will also explore what these changes can tell us about how Jews sought to present themselves to America, the world, and each other. We will also ask questions such as: What makes a film Jewish? What can films tell us about Jewish experience in the twentieth century and beyond? Weekly reading and film viewing are required.
5571 JWST-466-01 Teaching Assistant 0.50 - 1.00 IND TBA TBA TBA Y  
  Enrollment limited to 15
  Submission of the special registration form, available in the Registrar’s Office, and the approval of the instructor and director are required for enrollment.
4268 HEBR-102-01 Elem Modern Hebrew II 1.00 LEC Ayalon,Michal MWF: 9:00AM-9:50AM MC - 205 HUM  
  Enrollment limited to 19
  Prerequisite: C- or better in Hebrew 101 or equivalent.
  A continuation of Hebrew 101 with emphasis on increasing vocabulary, understanding, writing and speaking skills with widening exposure to appropriate cultural materials. (Also offered under the Middle Eastern studies and Jewish studies programs.)
4606 HEBR-202-01 Intmdt Modern Hebrew II 1.00 LEC Ayalon,Michal MWF: 10:00AM-10:50AM MC - 309 GLB2  
  Enrollment limited to 19
  Prerequisite: C- or better in Hebrew 201 or equivalent.
  A continuation of Hebrew 201 with more advanced grammar and increased emphasis on composition and speaking as well as exposure to appropriate cultural materials. (Also offered under the Middle Eastern studies and Jewish studies programs.)
4984 HIST-213-01 Modern Jewish History 1.00 LEC Kassow,Samuel D. TR: 9:25AM-10:40AM HIL - DININGROOM HUM  
  Enrollment limited to 35
  This course will examine major trends in Jewish history since 1789. There will be particular emphasis on Jewish society in Eastern Europe and the breakdown of orthodox hegemony. Topics will include the Haskalah, the Bund, the development of Zionism, the interwar period in Eastern Europe, the Holocaust, and the State of Israel. The approach will be primarily that of intellectual history with emphasis on the secular aspect of Jewish history.
5058 RELG-109-01 Jewish Tradition 1.00 LEC Kiener,Ronald TR: 10:50AM-12:05PM LSC - 134 GLB2  
  Enrollment limited to 40
  A thematic introduction to the major concepts, ritual cycles, holidays, and beliefs of Judaism. Readings and course material will be taken from classic Jewish texts as well as modern secondary sources. (May be counted toward International Studies, Middle Eastern Studies and Jewish Studies.)
5060 RELG-229-01 Short Story in Hebrew Bible 1.00 LEC Hornung,Gabriel F. TR: 10:50AM-12:05PM LSC - 131 HUM  
  Enrollment limited to 35
  A close reading of several “short stories” in the Hebrew Bible with attention given to literary artistry and theological insight. Along with gaining understanding for the rich texture and subtlety of the texts, students will be expected to master the data of the stories (who, what, where, when etc.). Questions of political, cultural, and compositional history will also be treated. Among the stories we shall consider are the Joseph “Novella,” David’s Fall, Esther, Ruth, Jonah, Judith.
5066 RELG-308-01 Jewish Mysticism 1.00 LEC Kiener,Ronald TR: 2:55PM-4:10PM MC - 309 HUM  
  Enrollment limited to 19
  Prerequisite: C- or better in Religion 109.
  An examination of the secret speculative theologies of Judaism from late antiquity to the present. The course will touch upon the full range of Jewish mystical experience: visionaries, ascetics, ecstatics, theosophists, rationalists, messianists, populists, and pietists. Readings will include classical texts (such as the Zohar) and modern secondary studies.