Global Studies

The Global Studies major encourages students to grapple with the fundamental dynamics of our time through an interdisciplinary framework. We are interested in the social processes that cut across regions, the global flows that have local impacts, and the local initiatives that have global resonances.

Curricular requirements

In addition to the language and study away requirements for all majors (see Major Requirements page), the Global Studies major consists of ten credits, distributed as follows:

  • Global Core courses (three credits)—These must be chosen from the following list and include at least one course at the 300 level taken at Trinity:
    • INTS 201. Gender and Globalization
    • INTS 204. Global Labor
    • INTS 205. War on Terror
    • INTS 207. Global South
    • INTS 209. Gender and Natural Resources
    • INTS 210. Theories of Globalization
    • INTS 212. Global Politics
    • INTS 213. Worldly Islam
    • INTS 217. Global Postsocialisms
    • INTS 224. Anthropology of Poverty
    • INTS 226. Gandhi, King and Nonviolence
    • INTS 233. Political Geography
    • INTS 234. Gender and Education
    • INTS 248. Global Radicalisms
    • INTS 249. Immigrants and Refugees
    • INTS 250. Global Migration
    • INTS 302/URST 302. Global Cities
    • INTS 305. Global Self Governance
    • INTS 307. Women's Rights as Human Rights
    • INTS 308. Global Hartford
    • INTS 311. Global Feminism
    • INTS 312. Global Political Ecology
    • INTS 314. Black Internationalism
    • INTS 315. Global Ideologies
    • INTS 317. Planetary History
    • INTS 318. Energy Security
    • INTS 325. Anthropology of Islam
    • INTS 335. Capitalism and Authoritarianism
    • INTS 344. Global Hip Hop Cultures
    • INTS 350. Traffic in Art
    • INTS 383/HIST 383. Sports, Race and Nationalism
  • Option 1—Disciplinary or Thematic Focus Cluster (three credits) + Electives (three credits)
    • Disciplinary or Thematic Focus Cluster (three credits)—In consultation with their INTS advisers, Global Studies majors must choose three courses, one at the 300 level or above and taken at Trinity, with substantial international or cross-cultural content from a single discipline (such as Anthropology, Economics, Environmental Science, History, Language and Culture Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, or Sociology) or on a single theme (ordinarily drawn from the approved courses for one of Trinity's interdisciplinary programs, such as Education Studies, Human Rights Studies, Urban Studies, or Women/Gender/Sexuality studies). One of the three courses may be a methods or theory course.
    • Electives (three credits)—Electives may consist of area courses from any of the area studies majors, Global Core courses, additional courses for the disciplinary or thematic cluster, or language courses in excess of the four semester requirement.
  • INTS 401. Senior Seminar in International Studies (one credit)

Global Hartford

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