African Studies

The African Studies major introduces students to the second-largest continent on the planet, which comprises over 50 independent nations and houses just short of a billion people. Culturally and ethnically diverse, Africa nonetheless is united by several social processes, including colonialism, transnationalism, and globalization. We tend to these formative social processes through an array of courses across disciplines (from history to literature, from art to politics).

Curricular requirements

In addition to the language and study away requirements for all majors (see Major Requirements page), the African Studies major consists of ten credits, distributed as follows:

  • Global Core course (one credit)—See list of Global Core courses under Global Studies.
  • Area courses (five credits)—One of these must be at the 300 level and taken at Trinity:
  • AHIS 294. The Arts of AfricaAHIS 295. 
  • African Architecture and Design Space
  • ANTH 207. Intro to Political Ecology
  • ANTH 310. Anthropology of Development
  • HIST 233. (Re)Connecting the Black Atlantic
  • HIST 252. African Histories and Cultures to 1880: Early Period
  • HIST 253. African History: 1850 to the Contemporary Era
  • HIST 259. Gender and Sexuality in African History
  • HIST 283. African Diaspora: Latin America & the Caribbean
  • HIST 332. African Nationalism and Decolonization
  • INTS 238. Contemporary Africa: Resource Wars and Human Rights
  • INTS 260. The City in African Studies
  • INTS 302. Global Cities
  • INTS 309. Development in Africa
  • INTS 314. Black Internationalism
  • INTS 344. Global Hip Hop Cultures
  • MUSC 113. World Music
  • MUSC 216. African Music
  • PHIL 223. African Philosophy
  • POLS 310. Politics of Developing Countries
  • POLS 344. Politics and Governance in Africa
  • POLS 386. Political Trials
  • RELG 285. Religions of Africa
  • SOCL 336. Race, Racism and Democracy
  • THDN 209. African Dance (1/2 credit per semester, 2 semesters required)
  • URST 210. Sustainable Urban Development
  • Electives (three credits)—Electives may consist of area courses from any of the area studies majors, additional Global Core courses, or language courses in excess of the four semester requirement.
  • INTS 401. Senior Seminar in International Studies (one credit)

African Studies and the Trinity Community
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