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2018 Senior History Thesis Writers

Chris Bulfinch   "Building the Nation"   Advisor:  Scott Gac

Ian King   "Alfred of Wessex:  The Legacy of the Saxon King and the English Nation"   Advisor:  Jonathan Elukin

Jane Linehares   "The History of Feminism in Egypt from 1882 to 1952"  Advsior:  Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre

Eleanor Saunders   "The Environmental Conservation of Cape Cod-s Fisheries in the 19th Century"  Advisor:  Tom Wickman

Sophie Tomaso   "Winston Churchill: Writer of his own Destiny"  Advisor:  Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre

Charles Tuckwell   "On the Relative Importance of Economic Factors in the Founding of New South Wales"   Advisor:  Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre

Caleb Wint   "Borodin: Agent of Revolution Abroad"   Advisor:  Michael Lestz