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Course Schedule for HISTORY - January 2017
Course ID Title Credits Type Instructor(s) Days:Times Location Permission
Dist Qtr
1021 HIST-237-01 The History of French Wine 0.50 SEM Regan-Lefebvre,Jennifer M. TBA TBA  
  Enrollment limited to 15
  NOTE: Additional fees apply for this trip. Travel dates are 1/2 - 1/12. Please contact the instructor for more information.
  This course introduces the history of French wine. Students will gain a critical, contextualised understanding of how French wine has evolved over the past three centuries and made its mark on French culture, society and politics. This short, intense course is taught in Paris and incorporates the city experientially. Classes will be divided into short taught sections, in-depth discussions of primary and secondary literature, and three excursions: a professional wine tasting emphasizing regional differences in France and the concept of terroir; a visit to a working vineyard to highlight the technical and spatial aspects of wine production; and a visit to a wine museum to explore the evolution of wine through material culture. Assessment is through four short papers, a quiz and a final exam.
1022 HIST-254-01 Peoples and Cultures of Nepal 0.50 SEM Lestz,Michael E. TBA TBA  
  Enrollment limited to 10
  NOTE: Additional fees apply for this trip. Please contact the instructor for more information and travel dates.
  This course will focus on the people of Upper Mustang in Nepal. Readings will be tied to the histories and traditions of the Tibetan, Thakali, and Gurung people who form the population of this isolated region. The course will be built around a two and a half week trek in the Mustang region. Grades will derive from a ten to twelve page paper formed around a topic tied to the themes of the course. (Trek in Nepal – January 1-18)