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2015 Senior History Thesis Writers

‚ÄčTyler Green: "A Connecticut Yankee in London: Mark Twain's Rise from Humble American Humorist to Literary Great"--Regan-Lefebvre/Hedrick

Duncan Grimm: "Forging an Alliance of Purpose: John Gilbert Winant, Edward Roscoe Murrow, and Creating an Anglo-American Worldview"--Regan-Lefebvre/Hedrick

Codyann Patrina: "Food and Slavery: Power Structures in the South, 1830-1860"--Wickman/

Zack Topkis: "Enduring City-States: The Struggle for Power and Security in the Mediterranean"--Cocco/Reger

Haley Wodenshek: "Female Perpetrators of the Nazi Final Solution"--Rodriguez/Kassow