2014 Senior History Thesis Writers

​Robert Black –“The Behavioral Ecology of Animals in the Pacific Northwest and how it pertains to the Storytelling of the of the Native Tribes in the Region” - Wickman

Nicolette Chasse  -  "Le Seigneur, La Dame, Les Enfants, et La Littérature: Exploring Twelfth Century Family Dynamics of the Nobility Trough Literature."– Elukin and Silk

Michael McLean – “We Thought We Had Some Trouble Last Year:  Destruction, Survival, and Community during the Civil War on ‘Indian Territory’” –  Wickman

Emily Parsons –“U.S. Relations with the Soviet Union and Hungary in 1956” – Kassow

Benjamin Plumer – “New White Identity In The Post-Reconstruction South: Understanding Self through Race Violence and Mob Lynching” — Gac

Mollie Scheerer –“The Maya: Museums, National Patrimony, and Copán” – Euraque