German Studies


The program in German Studies at Trinity College offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the German-speaking world.  Its goal is to develop students' German language skills, to explore German literature both in original German and in translation, and to foster the study of a broad array of subjects in which the influences and contributions of German - speaking peoples are evident including philosophy, history, religion, art history, performing arts, music, politics, and economics.  

A background in German studies prepares you to explore many fields, among them teaching, translation, publication, business, international law, diplomacy, foreign service, and tourism.  Knowledge of the German language will be helpful for graduate study in a number of disciplines in the humanities, the sciences, music, and art history. 

Students interested in German may take just a few courses, do a German language minor, sign up for the interdisciplinary minor in German studies, or declare a German studies major.   Students have various opportunities to meet outside of class and practice their German: the weekly German table, the German film series, and Trinity’s German Club.   

Trinity has strong study abroad programs in the German-speaking world: through the Baden-Württemberg Exchange, you may study at one of nine universities, including Heidelberg, Freiburg, Konstanz, and Tübingen.  The Trinity-in-Vienna Program attracts a number of students each year to study a semester in Austria’s capital and to take advantage of its many offerings in music, philosophy, psychology, and language.  Also, our new Trinity-in-Berlin Summer Program was launched in 2012 and is open to students with no or little German language background.  It offers a window on one of Europe's most exciting cities, comprises two 1.0 credit courses, and features many excursions.

Questions? Contact Johannes Evelein, Head of the German Studies Section.

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