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Gabriel Maletta ’14

I can honestly say my Trinity experience and my life right now would have been vastly different had I not chosen a German major. I feel like instead of having to choose between a History, Philosophy or Literature major I was provided with all three, including the added bonus of language skills.

My German major pushed me to explore the world and challenged the way I think about my upbringing and my beliefs. I’ve made incredible close friends and created memories that will last me throughout my life. My ultimate goal is to hopefully one day make it back to Berlin and take it from there.

German taught me to push my academic limits. I remember getting a C+ in German 102 my freshman year. If you had asked me then, I never would have believed I would have completed a 40+ page thesis in German.

While a liberal arts degree never taught me how to create spreadsheets, complete work order forms, or ‘crunch data’, it has provided me with invaluable skills. It taught me to think critically, communicate effectively, and to never stop questioning. Combine that with the basic business acumen that everyone learns in their first 2-3 years on the job and you have a pretty powerful combination.