Available Instrumentation

One of the best aspects about the sciences at Trinity is how we share instrumentation between departments and programs.  Here are few of the instruments that the ENVS program faculty maintain:


PanAlytical X'PertPRO X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD) - New as of 2011, the  XRD in combination with powerful analytical software (HighScore Plus) provides  chemists, geologists and engineers with state of the art solid phase identification.     

Milestone DMA-80 Total Mercury Analyzer (DMA-80) – Housed in the environmental science lab, the DMA-80 analyzes solid and liquid samples for total mercury to ppb levels.

ThermoScinetific (Dionex) Ion Chromatography (ICS-1100) – In the fall 2012 we updated the IC and auto sampler in the environmental science lab.  The IC-1100 is set up for major anions: (fluoride, chloride, nitrite, bromide, nitrate, phosphate and sulfate).  For cations we use the ICP-OES in the Chemistry instrumentation lab.


AGICO JR6 Spinner Magnetometer - capable of measuring the magnetic remanence of rock specimen with a resolution up to 10-6 A/m.

AGICO KLY-4S Susceptibility Meter with CS3 Furnace Attachment - measures magnetic susceptibility of natural samples at room temperature and elevated temperatures up to 700⁰C.

Princeton Measurements Coorporation MicroMag Model 3900 Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) - measures magnetic properties in magnetic fields up to 1.5 T.

Magnon International AFD300 Alternating Field Demagnetizer - allows for sample demagnetization and ARM acquisition in alternating foelds up to 300 mT

Sensors and Software PulseEKKO Pro Ground Penetrating Radar - with 100 MHz and 200 MHz antennas and SandmeierReflexW interpretation software.

Geometrics Geode 24-channel seismograph - for seismic analyses of shallow subsurface structures

Various Equipment:

Nikon NPL 352 total station and various surveying equipment
Numerous GPS instruments
Freeze dryers
Wrist-action shakers
Walk-in cold storage