More about the ENVS Faculty



Dr. Alison Draper

Director, Science Center and Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Science

Dr. Draper’s research focuses on environmental toxicology. She is interested in the toxicological consequences of environmental contaminants on aquatic organisms and has studied car tire wear particles. Her recent research is on the effect of pharmaceuticals on aquatic organisms. 


Dr. Michael A. Fotos

Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy

Dr. Fotos is a 1978 graduate of Yale College with an MPA from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Indiana University , Bloomington, IN. He began teaching at Trinity in 2000 and is a lecturer in political science at Yale University. He has held state government posts overseeing natural resource and economic development agencies. He has also managed land protection programs for a major NGO.



Dr. Christoph Geiss

Professor of Physics and Environmental Science, Program Director

Dr. Geiss is a geophysicist who studies the magnetic properties of sediments and soils to reconstruct past continental climates. Current research projects include investigations of the carbon budget in Arctic wetlands and soils, the determination of erosion and soil formation rates in the Midwestern U.S. and reconstructions of midcontinental paleoclimate from buried soils.

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Dr. Jonathan Gourley

Senior Lecturer and Laboratory Coordinator

Dr. Gourley is the newest addition to the Environmental Science Program at Trinity.  His expertise in geology and geographic information systems (GIS) complements the current ENVS faculty and his field based research interests will provide Trinity students with an opportunity to study geology and environmental science beyond the gates of Trinity.

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Dr. Joan Morrison

Professor of Biology

Dr. Morrison's research program entails studies of birds living in human-impacted landscapes. Before coming to Trinity, Professor Morrison worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Forest Service in Alaska, Colorado, Washington, and New Mexico.  On-going research projects include a study of Red-tailed Hawks living in the urban environments of Hartford, and monitoring a population of Crested Caracaras in Florida.  She has also examined the structure of avian communities in urban parks in Hartford. 


Dr. Cameron Douglass

Thomas McKenna Meredith'48 Postdoctoral Fellow

Cameron Douglass is the current endowed postdoctoral fellow in Environmental Science. Cameron is an applied plant and community ecologist, and studies the ecological and environmental impacts of managing weedy and invasive plant species. His research focuses on measuring changes in natural communities in response to management activities, and integrates ecological concepts and theories with quantitative field and laboratory analyses.  At Trinity he will work in Connecticut's riparian corridors and wetlands, where his research will involve quantifying the interactions between the functional resiliency of ecosystems and riparian areas management.