English Department Contests and Scholarships


The Fred Pfeil Memorial Prize In Creative Writing

 Vianna Iorio ‘19

The Trinity Alumnus Prizes In Prose Fiction

1st Prize: Kira L. Mason ‘18

2nd Prize: Cathryn E. Haight ‘17
3rd Prize: Michaela E. Powers ‘16

John Curtis Underwood ‘96 Memorial Prizes In Poetry

1st Prize: Angela S. Pitsoulakis ‘16
2nd Prize: May Collins Woollcott ‘16
3rd Prize: Sean B. Dunn ‘16

The Academy Of American Poets Prize

 May Collins Woollcott ‘16

The Alumni Prizes In English Composition

1st Prize: Sarah C. Beckmann ‘18
2nd Prize: Molly E. Nichols ‘18

The F.A. Brown Prizes In Public Speaking

Noor Malik ’18
Jacob Villareal ‘16
Arleigha N. Cook ‘16

The John Dando Prizes

Lydia G. Haynes ‘18
Christopher M. McClurg ‘16
Honorable Mention: Oliver K. Rothmann ‘16

The Ruel Crompton Tuttle Prizes In English

Jordan Pace ‘17
Esther O. Shittu ‘17

The Jan Cohn Senior Thesis Award

Michaela E. Powers ‘16
Bridget T. Reilly ‘16