Student Projects

All computer science and interdisciplinary computing majors are required to complete a year-long project during their senior year. This capstone project provides students an opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of various subjects in computing and their ability to solve real-world problems in a creative way.  In addition, many of our students enjoy unique opportunities to work with faculty during the school year or the summer on research or creative projects.  The research projects are funded either by external agencies such as National Science Foundation, or internal grants provided by the college.  In the past several years, our students have co-authored papers based on their research findings and presented them at various professional conferences.

Senior Projects


PGP on Android Phone
Vinit Agrawal
An open-source solution of providing PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Support, an email encryption service which provides cryptographic privacy and authentication, in Android phone.

Chris Fei
Implementing an ad-hoc communication as a module in POSIT (Portable Search and Identification Tool) by using the Random-Walk Gossip (RWG) protocol, developed at the Real Time Systems lab at Linkoping University in Linkoping, Sweden.
Rachel Foecking
Integrating two free and open source software systems related to disaster management: POSIT (Portable Search and Identification Tool) and Sahana, an all-purpose, one stop disaster management system.
Creating a secure online system where doctors can prescribe medicine for patients, pharmacies can receive the prescriptions, and patients can adjust the prescription at their convenience.
The Kindle Remote
Dana Merrick
Designing a piece of software that would allow one to control their desktop from a device that they use -- Amazon's Kindle™ ebook reader.
Designing and creating a program that would translate from one language to another with perfect accuracy.
Trinity Play-by-Play web application, broadcasting college athletics online through statistics.
The Writers Workshop Website (, a forum-based website aimed at helping writers receive constructive feedback from fellow writers.
Creating an application meant to aid an aspiring songwriter in writing a composition.