Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

​Computer science is a broad discipline that employs a variety of approaches in an effort to advance our understanding and use of computing. Study in computer science can range from mathematical work aimed at understanding the theoretical and practical limits of what can be computed, to experimental work aimed at understanding the functioning of existing computer languages and systems, to design work aimed at building algorithms and computer systems that help people solve problems.

The bachelor of arts degree reflects a more broad-based view of computing education and includes cognate courses that enable students to develop writing and reasoning skills in the context of fields other than computer science.  This degree will prepare students for career paths in such areas as project management and information systems as well as post-graduate studies in law, business, and medicine.

The B.A. degree consists of:

  • Four foundational courses
  • One Systems course
  • One Theory course
  • One Software course
  • One non-computer science writing intensive course
  • One additional numeric or symbolic reasoning course
  • Two elective courses
  • A two-semester senior seminar
  • A two-semester senior project
  • Calculus I

For a summary sheet of requirements for B.A. in Computer Science, click here.