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Course Schedule for CLASSICS - Spring 2016
Course ID Title Credits Type Instructor(s) Days:Times Location Permission
Dist Qtr
4298 CLAS-399-01 Independent Study 1.00 - 2.00 IND TBA TBA TBA Y  
  Enrollment limited to 15
  Submission of the special registration form, available in the Registrar’s Office, and the approval of the instructor and chairman are required for enrollment.
5191 CLAS-402-01 Senior Thesis 1.00 IND TBA TBA TBA WEB  
  Enrollment limited to 15
  A continuation of Classics 401 for students pursuing honors in the Classics major. Submission of the special registration form, available in the Registrar’s Office, and the approval of the chair are required.
4299 CLAS-466-01 Teaching Assistant 0.50 IND TBA TBA TBA Y  
  Enrollment limited to 15
4956 CLCV-216-01 Archaeol Method & Theory 1.00 LEC Risser,Martha K. TR: 10:50AM-12:05PM SH - N215 GLB2  
  Enrollment limited to 25
  An introduction to interdisciplinary archaeological enquiry, drawing on material selected from American studies, anthropology, art history, classics, geology, history, Middle Eastern studies, religion, and women's studies. Students will consider archaeological methods, techniques, and specific applications to various disciplines. Central to the discussion will be the uses of archaeology in reconstructing aspects of pre-historic, historical, and more contemporary human life. The course has a strong hands-on component.
4906 CLCV-223-01 Roman Philosophy 1.00 LEC Ewegen,Shane M. TR: 1:30PM-2:45PM SH - N215 HUM  
  Enrollment limited to 30
  This course will examine the work of a number of Roman philosophers during the period of roughly 1 BCE – 200 CE. Through reading the works of Seneca, Cicero, Lucretius, Sextus Empiricus, and others, we will become familiar with various ancient Roman schools of thought such as Stoicism and Skepticism, as well as certain then prevalent political theories. Above all, focus will be given to the manner in which philosophy undergoes certain fundamental changes as it transforms, transfers, and translates from an Ancient Greek worldview into a Roman (i.e., Latin) one.
4957 CLCV-241-01 Classical Ideals 1.00 LEC Risser,Martha K. TR: 2:55PM-4:10PM SH - S201 ART  
  Enrollment limited to 35
  Representations of the human body in Greek and Roman art raise various issues including standards of beauty and their implications; social status; the athletic ideal; clothing and lack of clothing; character and emotions; gender and sexuality; and concepts of the "classical ideal" during and after antiquity. Through studies of classical sculpture, painting, and minor arts, this course will explore perceptions of the human body that persist in the Western tradition. Readings include studies in the history of art, critical approaches to conceptions of the human form, ancient medical texts, and classical poetry.
4907 CLCV-308-01 Archaeology of Greek Religion 1.00 SEM Risser,Martha K. MW: 8:30AM-9:45AM SH - S201  
  Enrollment limited to 19
  This course examines the material evidence for ancient Greek religion, cults, and rituals; methods of approaching ancient religion and analyzing cult practices through art, architecture, and artifacts; exploration of votive, sacrificial, and feasting practices; distinctions between sacred and civic space in ancient Greece; differences between urban, extra-urban, rural, and panhellenic sanctuaries; the role of the city in establishing, maintaining, and supporting religious places and practices. There are no pre-requisites for this course.
4031 CLCV-466-01 Teaching Assistant 0.50 - 1.00 IND TBA TBA TBA Y  
  Enrollment limited to 15
  Submission of the special registration form, available in the Registrar's Office, and the approval of the instructor and chairperson are required for enrollment.
4583 GREK-101-01 Intro Class & Biblical Greek I 1.50 LEC Reger,Gary MWF: 11:30AM-12:45PM MC - 305 HUM  
  Enrollment limited to 24
  A course in the fundamentals of classical Greek, designed for those who begin the language in college.
4977 GREK-315-01 Plato 1.00 LEC Regan,Amanda R. TR: 9:25AM-10:40AM SH - N129 HUM  
  Enrollment limited to 19
  Selected readings from the dialogues, with special emphasis on Plato’s style, thought, and characterization of Socrates.
4085 LATN-102-01 Intermed Grammar Reading Latin 1.50 LEC Regan,Amanda R. MWF: 1:15PM-2:30PM SH - N129 HUM  
  Enrollment limited to 15
  Prerequisite: C- or better in Latin 101 or appropriate score on the placement exam.
  This course begins with a brief review of material covered in LAT101, then proceeds to cover complex subordinate clauses involving the subjunctive, indirect statement, and varieties of participial constructions, in addition to further vocabulary acquisition. Students begin to read passages from ancient Latin literature, such as Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars, Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura, the Res Gestae of Augustus Caesar, and Ovid’s Metamorphoses.
4978 LATN-312-01 Cicero 1.00 LEC Regan,Amanda R. MW: 2:40PM-3:55PM SH - N129 HUM  
  Enrollment limited to 19
  Selections from the letters, orations, and philosophical essays.