Major Requirements


The chemistry major—The following one-semester courses are required for the chemistry major: CHEM 211L, 212L, 309L, 310, 311L, 312L, 313, 314L, and one 400-level chemistry course; PHYS 231L; and MATH 132. A grade of at least C- must be obtained in all required courses. The Writing Intensive Part II requirement is fulfilled by one of the following courses: CHEM 309L or CHEM 311L. The senior exercise for the chemistry major is CHEM 309L.

The major as outlined above covers four of the five principal divisions of chemistry. The Chemistry Department, however, strongly urges those students who wish to prepare for graduate study in chemistry to take at least two 400-level chemistry courses. Students who wish to be certified by the American Chemical Society must complete two 400-level courses. These courses must be CHEM 404. Biological Chemistry and CHEM 425. Research (Laboratory) (minimum 1 credit).