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Course Schedule for BIOLOGY - January 2017
Course ID Title Credits Type Instructor(s) Days:Times Location Permission
Dist Qtr
1010 BIOL-119-01 Nutrition: Food and Fads 0.50 LEC Draper,Alison J. WF: 10:00AM-12:00PM
TR: 10:00AM-1:00PM
CT - 210  
  Enrollment limited to 15
  NOTE: This course does not fulfill the Natural Science requirement.
  This course will explore many aspects of nutrition including the science of food, popular diet plans and cultural views of nutrition. We will use scientific texts and primary literature to explore the science of food, nutritional supplements, food intolerance and allergy and the effect of diet on health. Students will work in small groups to explore the strengths and weaknesses of fad diets. As an ongoing project throughout the course, students will design a diet plan based on their own needs, philosophy, preferences, health history and family and cultural history and will follow their plan and reflect on the experience. We will also incorporate cooking class-selected recipes and dining experiences in relation to nutrition. All levels of college science background are welcome. Not creditable to the biology major.