5-Year BA/MA Program

Program Director: Professor Scott Gac

The BA/MA program in American Studies at Trinity College is a distinctive opportunity for superior undergraduate students in American Studies or History to receive a BA (in American Studies or History) and a MA in American Studies. Providing an efficient path to proceed through two degrees in about five rather than six years, the program is designed to jump-start professional development. Graduates of the five-year program are well-prepared for professional school (business, journalism, law, etc.),  a post-secondary teaching position, a Ph.D. program in American Studies or a similar field, or, when combined with the graduate-track in museum studies, work in a museum or public history related field.

Admission to the 5-year program is possible at two junctures in an undergraduate’s career. Truly exceptional candidates may be recruited and admitted for matriculation as first-year students at Trinity College. Other outstanding students may apply for admission at the end of their second year of undergraduate study. All successful applicants must have achieved and maintained an overall GPA of at least 3.0 and a GPA in the major (American Studies or History) of at least 3.50. In addition, all successful applicants must present evidence of superior writing and research skills at the end of their sophomore year. At least one letter of recommendation must be submitted by a faculty member who expresses willingness to direct the required 3-credit thesis. Contact the American Studies director for application deadlines and details. (It is unlikely that more than 2 students will be admitted to the program annually.)

The first two years of undergraduate courses for a student in the 5-year program typically include the college’s General Education requirements and lower-level courses in American Studies or History. In the third year, students typically take upper-division coursework in American Studies or History and define areas of interest. The fourth year involves graduate-level American Studies coursework including the start of a three-semester master’s-level thesis. The fifth and final year of the program typically consists of graduate coursework in American Studies and completion of the thesis.

If for any reason a student admitted to the BA/MA program is unable to complete the requirement for the Master of Arts degree program in American Studies, the student will be permitted to receive the BA degree assuming all degree requirements have been satisfactorily completed.

5-Year BA/MA Program Requirements