Advising, Services + Resources

Trinity IDP provides advising and services geared to adult learners, together with full access to all of Trinity’s academic resources.


Because entering IDP students are transitioning to academic life at Trinity, we have created a comprehensive advising system. Each new student is assigned a faculty adviser who is a member of the IDP Council, which makes all IDP admissions decisions. Your faculty adviser will be familiar with your background from the admissions process and will help you identify the resources you need to succeed at Trinity. Your adviser will oversee your academic progress until you choose a major, when you will have an adviser from your major department. In addition, you will have a current IDP student as a peer mentor.

IDP-only Services and Academic Resources

  • Ready access to the IDP faculty Director and Assistant Director for advice and assistance.
  • ​Designated staff members in the financial aid, registrar’s, and career services offices to serve the particular needs of IDP students.
​Financial Aid Staff Member
Carolyn LeGeyt​
Senior Associate Director, Financial Aid

  • The Information Technology Center supports students’ academic work through the use of computing and technology.  

  • The Aetna Quantitative Center, commonly referred to as the Math Center, offers peer tutoring along with other services. 

  • The Writing Center provides tutoring by specially trained students known as writing associates.

Registrar Staff Member
Linda Gilbert
Associate Registrar
​ ​          

  • The Career Development Center is the source for a range of tools and services to help students prepare for post-Trinity careers.


Jamil Ragland ’13

American Studies Major 

Read Jamil's recent op-ed piece in the Hartford Courant, "College Degree The Fruit Of Hard Work—And Much Assistance."