IDP Admissions

Admissions: A Personalized Approach

Trinity IDP gives adult students the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s degree at Trinity College. Our program is designed for students who seek the challenging, substantive academic experience Trinity is known for, together with the support and services adult learners need and want.

We welcome all applicants at least 23 years old or self-supporting, and our community of non-traditional students includes veterans, second bachelor degree candidates, and international students.

What We Do Not Require

Our personalized process means that we have few set criteria for admission. We do not require: 

  • ​​​SAT scores
  • An associate's degree (although many of our applicants come directly from two-year colleges)
  • ​A minimum GPA from earlier college courses (although a 3.0 or above is highly favorable)

What About Transfer Credits?

You may transfer up to 18 arts and sciences courses from accredited two- and four-year colleges. We will evaluate your transcript to determine which courses are eligible for transfer credit at Trinity and determine which, if any, general education requirements have been met. As a general rule, transfer credit will be given for courses comparable to those offered in the Trinity curriculum in which the applicant has received grades of C- or better. For more detailed information, please refer to the Transfer Credit Information or the Trinity College Student Handbook. 

How Do I Apply?

The first step in the admissions process is to contact Senior Associate Director of Student Success Director Rober​ta Rogers​. She will answer any questions you have about Trinity IDP and  look to learn more about you, as a prospective student. During a preliminary interview, you w​ill rec​eive an overview of the Program as well as information on the admissions process, which often involves at least two visits to campus. When appropriate, applications are distributed that include an information form to be completed by you, along with a personal essay, official transcripts from colleges and high schools or GED, and two letters of recommendation.

Stefan Kramer,
History Major

I never would have thought that returning to school could feel so effortless!  IDP Faculty and staff approach each adult student with patience and understanding.  Securing financial aid was simple and direct.  The IDP-dedicated financial aid resource at Trinity is absolutely amazing and available with thoughtful, individual care.  IDP is a wonderful environment.

Admissions Deadlines

While admissions decisions are made as applications are received, there are specific notable deadlines:

*April​ 1 for fall-semester admission

*November 15 for spring-semester admission

The same deadlines apply to financial aid applications.