Academic Requirements for Graduation

Academic Requirements

In order to receive a Trinity degree, IDP students must meet the following requirements.

Graduation Requirements

  • At least 18 course credits earned at Trinity, for a total of 36 including transfer credits.

  • Completion of Trinity’s general education requirements.

  • Completion of a major.

  • A cumulative GPA of at least C-.

General Education Requirements

  • Fulfillment of these foundation requirements: writing (basic), writing (intensive), quantitative literacy, knowledge of a second language, and global engagement.

  • Completion of the IDP Transitional Seminar.

  • Fulfillment of distribution requirements in the arts, humanities, natural sciences, numerical and symbolic reasoning, and social sciences.

The foundation and distribution criteria may be fulfilled in a variety of ways. For example, the basic writing and quantitative literacy requirements may be satisfied by assessment examinations; the IDP Transitional Seminar fulfills half of the intensive writing requirement; and transfer credits may be applied to other requirements.