IDP Special Academic Features

Academic Transition and Support  

IDP students come to Trinity from a wide range of academic backgrounds, and many have not taken a college-level course for years or even decades. We recognize that every IDP student needs to make an individual transition to Trinity, so we have built in academic features to help you succeed from the time you enter until you graduate.

IDP Transitional Seminar
This seminar, required for all entering IDP students, is structured to help you make a smooth transition to Trinity. While devoted to an important topic, such as globalization or social class, the seminar emphasizes the analytical reading, critical thinking, discussion, and writing skills you will need to get the most from your Trinity education. The seminar also introduces you to the latest tools for research and information literacy, and a designated Research Education Librarian is available to assist IDP students.

Study Units
Study units offer additional academic flexibility to IDP students who must limit their time on campus due to other obligations or who want to accelerate their progress of their degree. In essence, a study unit is a regular Trinity course that has been redesigned for IDP students to take independently under faculty guidance. A study unit is distinct from an independent study course, where a student develops a topic to pursue with the oversight of a faculty member.