First-Year Seminars

Entering students are required to enroll in a first-year seminar except for those participating in the Humanities Gateway Program, the Interdisciplinary Science Program, the Cities Program, the InterArts Program, or the Community Action Gateway Experience.

Fall 2018 First-Year Seminars:

FYSM 101-01, BFF or Strange Bedfellows? Cohorts, Compromise, and Political Destiny - Madalene Spezialetti
FYSM 105-01, Prohibitions - John Alcorn 
FYSM 112-01, The Discovery of the (New) World:Literature, Science, and the Revolution of Experience  - David Souto-Alcalde
FYSM 113-01, Knights, Saints, Witches & You - Elliot Levesque
FYSM 128-01, Slavery, Property, Piracy - Isaac Kamola
FYSM 129-01, Illness as Narrative: the Role of Fiction in Medicine - Ewa Chmielewska
FYSM 133-01, The Anatomy of Forgiveness - Deborah Fixel
FYSM 134-01, Games of Strategy and Predictably Irrational Behavior - Arthur Schneider 
FYSM 138-01, Public Art: Civic Conscience or Dangerous Statues - Alden Gordon
FYSM 142-01, Medicine & Health Ancient Rome - Lauren Caldwell​
FYSM 143-01, Lights, Camera, Society!: Sociology Through Film - Tanetta Andersson
FYSM 144-01, Food Science and Culture - Hebe Guardiola-Diaz
FYSM 147-01, Oil and Water: The Science and Politics of Climate Change - Jonathan Gourley
FYSM 152-01, In Search of a Good Life - Mary Sandoval 
FYSM 154-01, Who Am I, Anyway? The Nature and Technology of the Self - Shane Ewegen
FYSM 157-01, Cycling, Sustainability, and the City of Hartford - Dario Del Puppo
FYSM 157-02, Cycling, Sustainability, and the City of Hartford - Johannes Evelein
FYSM 158-01, The Silk Road - Shafqat Hussain 
FYSM 159-01, Americans in Paris, Parisians in America - Sara Kippur 
FYSM 161-01,  Pigments and Native Metals: A Scientist’s Guide to Art and Archaeology - Maria Parr
FYSM 174-01, Peoples and Cultures of the Himalayas - Michael Lestz     
FYSM 177-01, The Psychology of Happiness - Molly Helt  
FYSM 181-01, The Beatles and the Sixties John Platoff
FYSM 184-01, The Art of Food (Writing) - Chloe Wheatley  
FYSM 187-01, Race and Religion​ - Mareike Koertner
FYSM 193-01, The Brothers Karamazov - Carol Any  
FYSM 195-01, The Biology of Science Fiction -  Robert Fleming
FYSM 203-01, Rhetoric, Toys, and Identities - Nicholas Marino ​
FYSM 204-01, Curiosity and Madness in English Literature - Barbara Benedict
FYSM 205-01, Scientific Method in Society - Per Sebastian Skardal
FYSM 210-01, HIV/AIDS: Science and Society - Cheyenne Brindle
FYSM 224-01, China's Forbidden City: Art and Architecture in Beijing - Yunchiahn Sena
FYSM 226-01, Free Speech: Where to Draw the Line? - Katharine Power
FYSM 229-01, Physics in Science Fiction - David Branning
FYSM 233-01, Understanding Race Philosophically - Maurice Wade
FYSM 237-01, Understanding and Reversing Prejudice and Discrimination - David Reuman​
FYSM 243-01, The Shapes Poems Take, the Sounds Poems Make - Ciaran Berry

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Spring 2019 First-Year Seminar:

This seminar is only open to January Start​ students  who will be enrolling in a first-year seminar during the spring semester.
FYSM 199-01, Networks, Historical and Contemporary - Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre​