Supplemental Course Information

Additional course information for first-year students:

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HISP 224    Spanish for Heritage Speakers 
Tuesday/Thursday 1:30-2:45 PM
 1 credit 
This is a comprehensive course for students with some command of spoken Spanish but whose formal education has been in English. We will work with general aspects of Spanish grammar (spelling, accent rules, developing a formal writing style). Students will have the chance to share with the group their linguistic and cultural traditions from the Hispanic tradition most familiar to them. Each student’s individual linguistic needs will be addressed. We will reflect on bilingualism and its advantages.
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Introduction to Linguistics
Monday/Friday 2:40-3:55
1 credit
A general introduction to the study of language. First we will study the fundamental components of language (sounds, words, sentences). We will then examine the crucial question of how words and sentences manage to mean anything. The latter part of the course will be devoted to theoretical approaches to the nature of language, to how and why languages change over time, and to the ways language determines and reflects the structures of society. Meets Humanities requirement.
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