Helpful Numbers to Know

Orientation Programs

Contact Orientation Headquarters

Course Registration

Prior to May 19, 2014, call the associate registrar
After May 19, 2014, call the first-year student coordinator
(860) 297-2117
(860) 297-2295

Coordinator of First-Year Academic Experiences

Call Dania Field for general first-year student questions.
Call this number for June Advising Days.
(860) 297-5331
(860) 297-4090

​Disability Services

Call Lori Clapis for special accommodations for learning disabilities.
​(860) 297-4025

Billing and Payment Plans

Contact Student Accounts and Loans for answers to your billing questions. 
Or visit their Web site at:

Financial Aid

Call this number for Trinity financial aid information.
(860) 297-2046

Meal Plans

Call this number if you have questions about campus food service.
(860) 297-4086

Residential Services

Call this number if you have questions about campus housing.
(860) 297-2305

Information Technology Services

Call the Help Desk for information on computer equipment,
e-mail, Moodle, TCOnline, and TC Portal.
(860) 297-2007

Health Center

Call Martha Burke O'Brien, director, for healthcare paperwork requirements. Leave a message if there is no answer, and your call will be returned.
(860) 297-2018

Aetna Quantitative Center

For questions about the quantitative literacy requirement,
call Professor Mary Sandoval, Interim Director of the Aetna Quantitative Center.
(860) 297-2062

Mathematics Department

For questions about the mathematics placement examination,
call Professor Mary Sandoval, chair of the Mathematics Department.
(860) 297-2062

Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric

Call Director Tennyson O'Donnell for information about writing requirements.
(860) 297-2206

Second Language Requirement

Call Patricia McGregor if you have questions about fulfilling the requirement.
(860) 297-2120

Office of Multicultural Affairs

Call Dean Karla Spurlock-Evans.
(860) 297-4234


Call Athletic Office 
Call Professor Robin Sheppard, associate athletic director
(860) 297-2057
(860) 297-2059