First-Year Seminars

The First-Year Seminars at Trinity are small, discussion-rich classes where students and their professor engage one another and wrestle intellectually with a topic. Driven by a faculty member’s passion for a subject, the seminars cultivate curiosity, introducing first-year students to academic habits of mind. Students practice critical reading and analysis, use writing as a mode of learning, and develop essential skills in research and documentation. Writing in a first-year seminar occurs regularly, takes various forms, and improves by means of revision and feedback. The intimacy of a first-year seminar prepares students for becoming active participants in their own learning, fostering the capacity to communicate effectively and collaboratively.

Except for those participating in the Guided Studies Program, the Interdisciplinary Science Program, the Cities Program, the InterArts Program, or the Genomics Research Program, entering students are required to enroll in a first-year seminar. 
Fall 2014 First-Year Seminars: 

FYSM 101-01, BFF or Strange Bedfellows? Cohorts, Compromise, and Political Destiny - Madalene Spezialetti
FYSM 105-01, Prohibitions - John Alcorn
FYSM 107-01, Dangerous Decisions or Cheerful Choices - Rachael Barlow
FYSM 111-01, Blurring the Boundaries in Studio Art - Patricia Tillman
FYSM 115-01, Mathematical Ideas and Changing Times - John Georges
FYSM 116-01, Civilization, Culture, and Conservation - Joan Morrison
FYSM 128-01, Slavery, Property, Piracy - Isaac Kamola
FYSM 134-01, Games of Strategy and Predictably Irrational Behavior - Arthur Schneider
FYSM 136-01, Truth, Lies, Politics - Lida Maxwell
FYSM 141-01, Battles of Faith and Reason - Julia Assaiante
FYSM 146-01, Guilty Pleasures - Katherine Bergren
FYSM 157-01, Cycling, Sustainability, and the City of Hartford - Dario Del Puppo
FYSM 157-02 Cycling, Sustainability, and the City of Hartford - Johannes Evelein
FYSM 158-01, The Silk Road - Shafqat Hussain
FYSM 161-01, Bones, Pigments and Native Metals: A Scientist’s Guide to Art and Archaeology - Maria Parr
FYSM 164-01, Representations of Autism(s) - Diana Paulin
FYSM 167-01, Landscape Photography and Atmospheric Physics - Christoph Geiss
FYSM 174-01, Modern Climate Change - Maria Krisch
FYSM 179-01, The World of Rare Books - Richard Ring
FYSM 181-01, The Beatles and the 60s - John Platoff
FYSM 183-01, Nations, Nationalism and the Religious Impulse - Thomas Harrington
FYSM 185-01, Hard-Boiled Detective Fiction - Cynthia Butos
FYSM 190-01, Food and Power in the Americas, 1492-1888 - Thomas Wickman
FYSM 195-01, Is Homer History? - Gary Reger
FYSM 199-01, Networks, Historical and Contemporary - Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre
FYSM 204-01, Curiosity and Madness in English Literature - Barbara Benedict
FYSM 209-01, Technology, Secularization, and the Disappearance of Tradition - Christopher van Ginhoven Rey
FYSM 212-01, Introduction to Hip-Hop - Seth Markle
FYSM 215-01, Mathematical Gems - Nancy Wyshinski
FYSM 219-01, Class Struggle 101 - Johnny Williams
FYSM 221-01, Biomedical Engineering: Understanding the Human Machine - Joseph Palladino
FYSM 224-01, Very Contemporary: 21st Century Art - Erin Valentino
FYSM 229-01, Physics in Science Fiction - David Branning
FYSM 233-01, Understanding Race Philosophically - Maurice Wade
FYSM 237-01, Understanding and Reversing Prejudice and Discrimination - David Reuman
FYSM 242-01, Youth and the American Civil Rights Movement - Karla Spurlock-Evans

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