NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut

839 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06510
INTERNSHIP CONTACT: Executive Director, 203-787-8763 Resume and cover letter are required for internship positions. 
AGENCY FUNCTION:  NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut is the political leader of the pro-choice movement in Connecticut. We work to elect pro-choice candidates into state office and lobby the state legislature to pass proactive pro-choice legislation through our grassroots organizing, education, and outreach efforts. NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut is a leader in promoting state policies that protect and encourage healthy reproductive choices. We work closely with some of Connecticut’s most influential policy makers on pro-choice legislation.


Campus Organizer

Campus Organizer interns will work with students, NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut staff, and allies to strengthen the role of students in grassroots organizing on choice issues and the presence of NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut on campuses across Connecticut.  The Campus Organizer intern will also be responsible for planning and implanting specific events on campus related to reproductive choice. They will: Develop and implement creative outreach strategies to attract pro-choice students, faculty, and staff on campus; Plan for and coordinate events related to reproductive choice; Identify opportunities on campus to conduct outreach and to expand the campus base of activism; Conduct education and outreach activities on campus; Build coalitions with student organizations on campus.

Communications and Online Advocacy Intern

Communications interns work with both new and traditional forms of media. NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut is expanding our online presence via our website, Twitter, and Facebook pages as well as email alerts, newsletters, and press releases. The Communications intern will be responsible for updating our online communications tools and monitoring state and local newspapers for earned media opportunities.  The Communications intern will be a part of creating and implementing our communications strategies. Primary responsibilities include: Assist with creation of communication plan; Update Facebook and Twitter communications; Update NARAL Pro-Choice CT website with new information and pro-choice news; Outreach to press about NARAL events, releases, etc.; Provide general support to press operations.


Policy Intern

Policy interns participate in every phase of policy development: conducting research, developing messaging, assist with lobbying activities, coalition building, and much more. Policy interns during the spring semester experience the Connecticut General Assembly and lawmaking from a pro-choice perspective. Policy interns year-round will create materials and meet with legislators to ensure that the voice of pro-choice individuals is heard by our representatives. Primary responsibilities include: Assist with research on reproductive health policy, including creation of measurement instruments, data collection, analysis, and reporting Transform research into policy recommendations and share with legislators; Assist in developing messaging and lobbying materials; Attend coalition meetings; Organize and participating in press conferences and lobby days.​

HOURS PER WEEK: 10 or more