When can I take internships?

You can register for half-credit Exploratory Internships starting in your sophomore year. First-year students are not eligible for internships. Many internships take place in the fall and spring semesters, but you may also receive credit for summer internships. Up to two course credits in internships may be counted toward degree requirements for graduation.


How do I find the internship I want?

Begin with the online Internship Directory, which lists more than 200 established internship opportunities. Internships are also posted on Trinity CareerLink​. For specialized interests and certain academic areas, faculty can help you identify alternative placement opportunities. Students may arrange their own internship placements subject to approval by faculty and the Career Development Center.


When do I need to start applying for an internship?

You should plan for an internship well in advance, ideally early in the preceding semester. Please refer to the internship planning timeline for further information.


How much time do I need for an internship?

In general, an internship takes at least as much time as a regular course. Exploratory Internships require a minimum of eight hours per week for fieldwork, 100 hours of fieldwork over the course of the semester, plus reading and writing assignments and some commuting time. You will work with your field supervisor to arrange your final schedule.


What about transportation?

Interns use Connecticut Transit or personal cars to reach sites throughout the Hartford area. Many placements are accessible on foot. Trinity College and the Career Development Center are unable to arrange transportation to internship sites.


Can I take an internship if I’m on financial aid?

Yes. Students on financial aid can use internships as an alternative to on-campus employment as long as the field organization can pay 60 percent of the student’s earnings and meets federal guidelines. The federal government, through Trinity’s Office of Financial Aid, pays the 40 percent balance. The Financial Aid Office can answer all your questions about student eligibility.


Are there any other financial stipends for student interns?

Financial support is available from the William Cotter Congressional Internship Fund for students who are taking summer internships in the office of any United States Senator or Representative. Preference is given to internships with Connecticut Representatives and to legislative interns in Washington, D.C. The application deadline is May 15 each year. If you want to apply for a stipend, you need to submit a personal statement of need and a letter of acceptance from the legislator’s office to the Career Development Center.


Can my internship organization pay me?

You may receive compensation for internships, if offered, provided that the academic quality of the internship is approved.


Can I take an internship while studying abroad?

Yes. Please contact the Office of International Programs for more information.


Must all internships be for academic credit?

No. Students are free to arrange internships or off-campus employment on their own. It is not necessary to contact anyone at Trinity if you want to do an internship that’s not for credit. If you need help searching for an internship outside of Hartford or need assistance with your resume, cover letters, or preparing for interviews, you may want to schedule an individual advising appointment with a Career Development adviser. Contact us at careers@trincoll.edu or 860-297-2080.