Résumé & Cover Letters

We all know that your résumé and cover letter are the first impression an employer will have of you and will either get you to the interview round, or not. So what are these important documents, and how do you create them?

The Résumé

  • A résumé describes what you have accomplished and what you have been responsible for by outlining your academic, work, and volunteer and extracurricular experiences. The information provided in your résumé is extremely important and needs to articulate your skills and abilities. Equally significant, however, is that you present this information in an attractive, straightforward and concise manner. Your résumé should present a complete picture of you, but there is no way to include everything you have accomplished.

Cover Letters

  • A cover letter should answer the question “Why should I hire you?”  To do so, your cover letter (1) states your intent to apply to a position or organization; (2) highlights why you are interested in the position/organization; and (3) explains why you feel you are qualified based on your experience.
For more information on a résumé and/or cover letters, please review our guides to view examples and learn how to construct a properly formatted document. These guides should be used as references on how to write descriptions that use strong action words to demonstrate your skills and abilities and how to incorporate expressions of accomplishment to demonstrate not just what you did, but how well you did it.