Congratulations! You have a job interview.  Your résumé and cover letter caught an employer’s eye by illustrating your relevant experiences and skills. The interview process is designed to evaluate in greater detail whether your experience, skills and personality match the needs of your potential employer. The interview is an exchange: the employer is evaluating you, and you should be assessing the employer. Making the most of an interview requires research and preparation beforehand; a strategy during the interview; and appropriate follow-up after the interview.

This interviewing guide will provide you with more information on what to expect in different types of interviews and how to prepare.

One of the best ways to prepare for your interviews is to practice. Since mock interviews do take up a considerable amount of time when properly executed, we offer several ways for you to practice.


  • InterviewStream is the leading practice interview system that allows job seekers the opportunity to see and hear themselves online. Using a webcam, you will be able to simulate job interviews by responding to pre-recorded interview questions and practice both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. If you do not have a webcam or quiet space to conduct the interview, the Career Development Center has one connected to one of our computers in a private office space that you may reserve. To access this tool, log in to your Trinity Recruiting account. The link will be located on the left side of the welcome page. You can also reserve a time slot on the computer in the Career Development Center through this system.


  • Throughout the year we invite outside speakers to come and discuss various types of interviews and styles as well as conduct a day of mock interviews. They cover everything from basic interviews to specifics like case interviews often conducted in the finance and consulting fields. To see upcoming workshops and register to participate, check out our calendar of events in Trinity Recruiting.

One-on-One with a Career Adviser

  • At any time during the year, you can request to meet with a career adviser for a one-hour mock interview appointment by contacting us at 860-297-2080 or Please send an updated résumé and information about the job or industry you are practicing for so that the adviser can prepare specific and tailored questions for your mock interview.