Career Exploration Treks

Career Exploration Treks are one- to two-day trips in which groups of 10-15 students visit companies and organizations in a specific industry or sector. By meeting with alumni and parents at their places of work, students have the opportunity to develop professional networks, interact with employers and recruiters, and learn about career paths from industry leaders.

Typically held during Trinity Days, Career Exploration Treks are ideal for students seeking exposure to a range of career possibilities in their areas of interest.

In February 2014, the Career Development Center is leading three treks:

  • New York City: Business and Finance
  • New York City: Arts
  • Hartford: Law

Students may apply to participate in a trek by submitting a résumé and brief statement of interest through Trinity eRecruiting.

Hosting a Trek

The Career Development Center sponsors Career Exploration Treks during Trinity Days (February 27-28 and October 13-14, 2014) and at other times throughout the year.  Treks cover a wide array of industry areas, from business and finance to marketing and communications to fine arts.  Employers, alumni, and parents interested in hosting a group of students at their place of work may contact us at (860) 297-2080 or