Preparing to Apply for Law School

Undergraduate Courses

Admissions committees look at a variety of factors and trends in the academic record of their applicants in order to predict how they will perform in law school including: GPA, LSAT score, Personal statement or essay, letters of recommendation/ evaluations, work experience, extracurricular activities, past accomplishments and leadership, and motivation and reasons for deciding to study law. At Trinity College, there is no Pre-law Major, and there are no specific educational requirements for entrance into law school. Admissions officers are more interested in how well applicants performed in the field they chose to pursue rather than the particular major itself.

Trinity graduates who have successfully applied to and attended law school come from a variety of majors. Majors of 2011 Trinity graduates who have been admitted and are attending law schools include:
History, Public Policy and Law, English, Political Science, Economics, French, Anthropology, and Philosophy. We recommend that you choose a major based on your areas of interest and select courses that will develop the analytical, reading, writing, and research skills necessary to succeed in law school.‚Äč

Extracurricular Activities

Your experience outside the classroom demonstrates the skills you have acquired and what you have learned about yourself that makes you a stronger and more interesting candidate. However, activities will not compensate for poor grades. Law school applicants who have taken time off since graduating from college will want to highlight their work experience and volunteer activities since graduation.