Career Development Programs

Let Your Interests Lead

Throughout the year, we offer career development programs of many different kinds to keep you on-track toward a successful, fulfilling career. Explore career options. Plan your future. Build a network. No matter where you are in the career exploration process, we can help you prepare for what comes next.
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Explore Your Options

Every February, we hold Bantam Launch, a one-day workshop specifically for first-year students. It’s interactive, fun, and built entirely around you. Learn about your interests, abilities, skills, and values. Think outside the box and consider diverse, creative career options. Then, learn to pair your unique personality and talents with the course that’s best for you. This workshop will set the stage for the many important decisions in college—so when they arise, you won’t face them unprepared.

Success Starts Early

Our two-day intensive Bantam Student Success Program, now for sophomores and juniors, will help you think strategically about college and career decision-making. You’ll build your résumé, network with accomplished alumni, and prepare for success—both in your academic career and your professional one.

Ready to Go

Our program for seniors, Bantams and Beyond, will prepare you to meet the world head on after graduation. Whether you're just starting your job search or about to accept that perfect offer, this two-day program will give you the tools for success in the workplace, your financial life, and beyond.