Bantam Student Success Program

March 24-25, 2017​

Now open to ALL CLASS YEARS, the Career Development Center is gearing up for an exciting Bantam Student Success Program.  

The Bantam Student Success Program is a free, intensive two-day “boot camp” empowering students to cultivate the skills and tools necessary for successful career preparation and planning. 

Student Success is designed to prepare students to identify and obtain opportunities to advance their educational, professional, and social goals. Through workshops, networking sessions, and keynote presentations, students learn how to articulate their strengths, goals, and personal brand, and then put these skills into practice through interactions with over 50 successful alumni from a range of career fields - 16 industries in all. 

The program’s first day features interactive workshops led by career development staff and Trinity alumni. Students end the day equipped to begin networking with alumni and applying for internships or summer jobs.

On the second day of the program, students meet with panels of alumni representing career paths ranging from Wall Street to Broadway, from board room to courtroom, and from lab bench to art gallery. These intimate discussions enable students to gain fresh perspective on real career paths, as they learn what steps they should take to achieve their goals.