United Technologies Corporation

Corporate Office
One Financial Plaza
Hartford, CT  06101
INTERNSHIP CONTACT: Please visit www.utc.com, and click tab for one of the following divisions: Pratt & Whitney, UTRC (Research and Development), Carrier, Sikorsky, Hamilton Sunstrand, Otis, Chubb, International Fuel Cells. Search for internships: links will vary for each division (internships, co-op, intern,etc).
IF YOU APPLY:  Please also email severn.sandt@trincoll.edu with your resume and the name of the position and division to which you applied.
AGENCY FUNCTION:  International multi-technology company
INTERN ACTIVITIES:  To be determined by each division
HOURS PER WEEK:  Depends on project
INTERNSHIP AVAILABLE:  FALL:  Possible;   SPRING:  Possible;   SUMMER:  Possible
STIPEND:  Possible