Arrange Your Internship

Here is a list of things you need to do to secure an internship.  Any matriculated undergraduate, with the exception of first-year students, may complete an internship during the fall and spring semesters. Summer internships can also be arranged, but students are responsible for tuition fees determined by the number of credits taken.

If you are beginning to search for an internship, there are a variety of resources you might consult:

a.)  Trinity CareerLink.  This is the CDC’s online system and jobs database. Log in
with your Trinity username and password. Click on the Internships & Jobs tab to search through internship opportunities already approved for credit. Please also review our Employer Directory by selecting the Employers tab in CareerLink for a list of all employers who have a company profile with us.
b.)  Trinity Internship Directory.  These are companies and organizations with whom the college has ongoing relationships regarding internships.  The directory is arranged by subject and you may need to look in more than one area to find all the possibilities.  Please note: we are migrating these listings to CareerLink. If an internship has been migrated you will see a notation of that on their Directory page. 
c.) You can contact almost any organization and inquire about internships. The easiest way to go about it is to call the main number and ask if internships are offered and if so, to be connected with the responsible person. Many organizations’ websites have a staff page and careers page that give contact information for employees and a listing of active internship openings – this is also a good place to look. If you find an internship that seems interesting to you, please contact Victoria Sandoval ( in the CDC at least 10 business days prior to the paperwork deadline for the semester of your internship. This is a firm deadline so that she has time to work with the employer to ensure that the internship meets federal Dept. of Labor guidelines and Trinity’s requirements for credit-bearing internships. This process can take time, so the sooner the better.
d.) If you have exhausted these options and if you need assistance finding an internship, Career Advisors in the 
Career Development Center are happy to help you! Please visit CareerLink​ to schedule an appointment under the Make an Appointment tab.

2.  Contact the individual(s) associated with your internship(s) of interest by the means indicated in the CareerLink or Internship Directory listing.  You should include a current resume in any introductory emails you send.  If you have not met with one of our career advisors to maximize the effectiveness of your resume, please review the Resume and Cover Letter Guides available under the ​CDC Guides tab in CareerLink for assistance.  You can schedule an appointment at any time in CareerLink. Select the ​Make an Appointment tab.

If you do not hear back from the employer…

  •  … after 3 business days, forward your original email back to the contact with a note, e.g. , Dear XXX, I wanted to follow up to make sure you received my email below.  I remain very interested in talking with you about interning with YYY and would welcome the opportunity to do so at your earliest convenience.  Thank you for your consideration.

  •    … by 3 business days after your second email, call the contact by phone.  Leave message if s/he does not answer.

  •   …  within 24 hours of leaving the phone message, email  Victoria Sandoval  for assistance.

3.  Some internships will require an in-person interview.  It is to your advantage to complete the interview - even even if it requires a special trip to Hartford during the summer (for fall internships).  In some cases, you may be able to do an interview via Skype. Some internships and particular fields are very competitive so the earlier you get things together and the more proactive you are, the better. 

4.   Once you have secured your internship, complete Part I of the Internship Contract. A blank copy can be found under the Profile tab in your CareerLink account. Select Internships for Credit from the drop-down menu.

5.   Identify a Faculty Sponsor and discuss your internship topic with him/her. Think about your educational objectives and how you hope to achieve them through this internship. Discuss the academic part of the contract with him/her: required written work, meetings, and criteria for evaluation and then complete Part II of the contract. Any faculty member can act as a faculty sponsor. A list of faculty who have expressed a willingness to act as a sponsor can be found here.

6.   Part II of the contract describes the academic component of your internship.  Enter the information you have discussed with your Faculty Sponsor and formulated into your learning objectives. This is an agreement between you and the professor about what you will be working on, so please make it as complete as possible. 

7. Once you complete the form, hit Submit at the bottom of the page. Your form will then run through an electronic, three tier approval process. A copy will first be sent to the CDC for approval, then your field supervisor and finally, your faculty sponsor. They will each receive a link to view your form via email. You can monitor the status of your form and view a fully approved copy by logging in to CareerLink at any time.

8. Once your form completes the electronic approval process, it will get coded and sent to the registrar for official enrollment.

             *The deadline to submit paperwork is typically a week after the first day of classes.​*