Be a Resource

Calling all poets, doctors, researchers, and all other Trinity alumni. Whatever your chosen field, and wherever you are in your career, Trinity students can benefit from hearing about your experiences navigating and managing your career.

Information Sessions

The information session provides students the opportunity to discover different career paths and industries directly from Trinity alumni.  Audiovisual support, catering services, and flexible scheduling are available. Sessions are typically one hour long and are most commonly scheduled Monday through Thursday evenings. Daytime sessions do occur as well should that fit your schedule better. When contacting our office to set up an information session, we can assist you in determining the ideal time for the students you are looking to reach.

Trinity Days Externships

Participate in Trinity's new externship program, which will be held on Trinity Days, February 27 and 28, 2014. Host one or more students and provide substantive exposure to your workplace to help students attain industry-specific knowledge.

Network with Students

Students can always use support and contacts in various industries. Networking with students is not about providing jobs or internships, but rather about guidance and insight based on your experiences. Students very often look to alumni as experts on getting into the industries they are passionate about. We have created a space for this type of opportunity to exist in our Trinity College Career Development Center group on LinkedIn. Join the conversation today!

Support the Career Development Center

The Career Development Center can always use help from alumni with mock interview days, networking sessions or as a general resource. In order for us to stay on top of the latest trends in various industries and best help current Trinity students, we need experts like you to share your knowledge.
To become a resource in any of the above mentioned ways or if you have questions on how you can help, please contact Breton Boudreaux '04, Assistant Director, at (860) 297-2473 or