Since 2009 Trinity has participated in Recyclemania, a national recycling competition between colleges and universities. Our recycling rate is slowly increasing with the help of the entire campus community-- students, faculty, and staff, including our Facilities Department. Recycle all paper, plastic, metal, and glass you use on campus in any of the hundreds of recycling bins. If you don't see one, look around the corner or in the next classroom. If you see a way to improve recycling, please contact ​

 For full results check out the Recyclemania Scoreboard.

 Other tips to reduce your waste and increase recycling:

    • ​Bring your own water bottle and refill it around campus. Save money and protect the environment. 

    • Reuse shopping bags instead of taking new plastic ones each time you go to a store.

    • Print less: proof-read papers on the computer, read articles online, use double-sided or multiple-pages-per-sheet printing. 

​​Contact with any questions, comments, or suggestions or offers to volunteer!