Office of the President


When Bishop Brownell co-founded Trinity back in 1823, he had no way of knowing that one of his successors would someday be able to instantly communicate with almost anyone on the planet via a phenomenon known as the Web. In those days, sending information about Trinity to a prospective student in Sweden or Philadelphia or even New Haven was a matter of days and weeks, as was the work of corresponding with the alumni body. 

But now it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Trinity College Web site and to the extensive store of information it contains about our academic programs, including 39 majors and nearly 900 courses, as well as interdisciplinary, urban, and global learning opportunities. I invite you to fully explore the wealth of intellectual and community engagement that is the hallmark of this extraordinary institution. Here you will find stories about current students and the research they are doing with professors, as well as information about our alumni—more than19,000 alumni connected via an online community. You can stay up to date with coming events, athletic news, and the accomplishments of our outstanding students and faculty in the classroom, the city, and the world. 

Trinity has always been attuned to the needs and aspirations of the world around it and has produced exceptionally well-educated thinkers and leaders who have left their marks everywhere, from the neighboring institutions of the capital city of Hartford to the farthest corners of the globe. As I write to you today, the College is on the eve of new initiatives in which we will strengthen our academic capabilities, especially in the area of urban and global studies, and in which a substantial campaign will underlie the ambitious goals the College has set for itself. I welcome your curiosity about this venerable enterprise and hope that you will soon supplement the information you find here with a visit to our campus.

With best regards,

James F. Jones, Jr.
President and Trinity College
Professor in the Humanities