Media Relations

How we publicize Campus News

The purpose of the media relations function at Trinity is to raise awareness of the College and its liberal arts learning mission.  We are always looking for developments on campus that will interest the media. In addition to pitching “stories” to local, regional, and national media, we often seek faculty experts to comment on breaking news. Story ideas can be based on students, faculty members, research, or programs that illustrate the intellectual and social benefits of a liberal arts education at Trinity and are likely to capture the interest of editors, producers, and the general public.


Timing is everything in gaining publicity for campus news—media outlets have strict deadlines. We will work with you to explore possible story angles, strategies, and deadlines.  Please note that submitting information to media outlets does not guarantee it will appear in print or be broadcasted. Media outlets make the final determination.

Given the wealth of topics on campus that can potentially generate media interest, story ideas for publicity should be sent at least four to six weeks in advance. We ask that you click here to e-mail a brief “who, what, when, where, and why” synopsis of your story. 


For media inquiries contact:
Kathy Andrews
Director, Media Relations and Community Outreach
(860) 297-4285