Trinity College Preferred Vendors

Categories Contact Info: Name Phone Email
Office Supplies      
WB Mason Thomas Mayfield -Sales Rep. 888-926-2766 x8419
Office Furniture Contact: Purchasing Sales Rep.    
WB Mason Thomas Mayfield 888-926-2766 x8419
Ryan Business Systems Contact: Information Services or Purchasing
Computer Supplies and Equipment      
Various Contact: Information Services
Toner (For Printers)      
Hartford Toner Customer Service 800-866-3762
Corporate Credit Card      
VISA, Bank of America Contact: Accounting Services or Purchasing
Maintenance Supplies and Equipment      
Grainger Kristin Sparks - Sales Rep. 860-241-1116
C & C Janitorial Pedro Crespo - Sales Rep. 860-594-4200
Home Depot / Lowes
Athletic Supplies and Equipment:    
Henry Schein Justin Hickam - Sales Rep 516-322-4610
Medical / Laboratory / Science Supplies and Equipment      
Fisher Scientific Matt Gower - Sales Rep 800-955-9999 x199143
Moore Medical Grace Ranalli - Sales Rep

800-234-1464 x5715

The Aero All-Gas Company Kim Bui - Sales Rep. 860-278-2376
Car Rentals
​Enterprise Car Rental ​Michael Ewart - Sales Rep
Airport Parking
Z Airport Parking ​Steve Lepow ​860-653-7667
Construction Projects
​Kirchhoff Campus Properties (KCP) ​Joseph T. Kirchhoff
John C. Hettinger

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