NSC Executive Board


May Thoong, NSC Chair – Administrative Assistant to Leadership Giving, May.Thoong@trincoll.edu 
Christine Devanney - Acquisitions Assistant, Library, Christine.Devanney@trincoll.edu 
Karen Kalbacher - Administrative Assistant, Athletics Department, Karen.Kalbacher@trincoll.edu
Brian Killian - Campus Satefty Officer, Brian.Killian@trincoll.edu 
Jorge Lugo - Office Assistant, Campus Safety, Jorge.Lugo@trincoll.edu 
Nelida Perez - Gift Recording and Data Maintenance Specialist, Nelida.Perez@trincoll.edu 
Charmaine Waul, Student Account Assistant, Charmaine.Waul@trincoll.edu 
Cynthia Webber, Gift Recording and Data Maintenance Specialist, Cynthia.Webber@trincoll.edu 
Joe Barber, ESC Liaison - Director of Community Service and Civic Engagement, Joseph.Barber@trincoll.edu
Guy P Drapeau, NSC Senior Staff Liaison – Comptroller, Guy.Drapeau@trincoll.edu