NSC Executive Board


Charmaine Waul, NSC Chair - Student Accounts Assistant, Charmaine.Waul@trincoll.edu  

Christopher Brown - Studio Arts Technician, Christopher.Brown.2@trincoll.edu 

Julie Burnep - Human Resources/Accounting Specialits, Julie.Burnep@trincoll.edu

Lisa Corson - Secretary - Manager, Visual Resources Collection, Library, Lisa.Corson@trincoll.edu 

Jorge Lugo - Treasurer - Office Assistant, Campus Safety, Jorge.Lugo@trincoll.edu 

Teresita Romero - Center for Urban and Global Studies, Teresita.Romero@trincoll.edu

Amy Rua - Manager, Circulation Reserves, Amy.Rua@trincoll.edu 

Lantaben Williams - Facilities Monitor, Athletics Department, Lantaben.Williams@trincoll.edu 

Wendy Vaillancourt, ESC Liaison – Associate Director, Human Resources , Wendy.Vaillancourt@trincoll.edu

Guy P Drapeau, NSC Senior Staff Liaison – Comptroller, Guy.Drapeau@trincoll.edu

Visit the Campus Committees page to find out which committees the NSC sits on  and who the NSC representative  is.