Professional Development Grants

Exempt Staff Council Professional Development Funding Request

The Exempt Staff Council Executive Board offers grants to members of Trinity’s Exempt Staff who, for budgetary reasons, are unable to participate in a professional development opportunity.  If you are interested in attending a conference, workshop, webinar, seminar, networking event, etc. and have found that your department does not have funds to allow this, let us know, we may be able to help! We have a modest budget and are considering using some of it to improve the knowledge base of Trinity staff. 
If you're interested in utilizing the Professional Development Fund, please fill out this form.
Please make your request at least three weeks in advance of when you need the funds.

Professional Development Grant Recipient

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Laura Lockwood

In early November, 2014, Laura Lockwood used a professional development grant from the ESC to attend the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The theme was “Feminist Transgressions,” with keynote speaker bell hooks, the celebrated feminist poet and author. Over 1,200 faculty, staff, and students were present.For over a decade, WGRAC has attended this annual conference accompanied by students eager to participate in a national “teach-in.” The pre-conference events offer a full day of meetings and workshops for women’s center staff representing colleges throughout the country. “Best practices” to address campus issues ranging from Title IX and preventing sexual violence to the needs of underserved campus populations and increasing male activism are shared and discussed. During the three-day gathering, hundreds of workshops are presented on pedagogical feminist topics, as well as improving campus culture, student activism, and education on the intersectionality of oppressions. Much of the information learned at the conference regarding campus culture and preventing sexual violence informs WGRAC’s work on a daily basis.