Executive Board Members

​In the spring of 2012, the exempt staff elected individuals to serve on the 2012-2013 ESC Board. The board now consists of the following membership.


The ESC Executive Board officers are:
  • Chair: Angie Wolf
  • Treasurer and Vice-Chair: Noelle Marchaj
  • Secretary: Caroline Deveau

Full List of Board Members

JoAnn Acquarulo | Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Operations
joanne.acquarulo@trincoll.edu, (860) 297-4262
JoAnn currently is the Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Operations and works with many offices on campus.  She organizes all athletic events on campus as well as managing Ferris Athletic Center.  She holds over 18 years at the collegiate level in athletics and development.  JoAnn worked in the Annual Fund at Trinity from 2005-2010 prior. 

Timothy Dunn | Associate Director, Student Services for Social Houses
Timothy.Dunn@trincoll.edu | (860) 297-5146

Caroline Deveau
| Director, Digital Communications
Caroline.Deveau@trincoll.edu, (860) 297-2141
Caroline has been with Trinity since 2008 in the Office of Communications.

Jessica German | Director of Advancement Information Services
jessica.german@trincoll.edu | (860) 297-2495
Jess has been a member of the Advancement Division since her arrival at Trinity in March of 2001.

Mandi Haines | Associate Director of Admissions and Coordinator of International Recruitment and Financial Aid
Mandi.haines@trincoll.edu, (860) 297-2551
Mandi has been at Trinity for 8 years and has focused on international admissions for the last 6 years.

Terry Hosig | Associate Registrar
Terry.hosig@trincoll.edu | (860) 297-2117
Terry has been at Trinity since 1999 and has had a variety of responsibilities within the office in that time.

Jason Jones | Director, Educational Technology
Jason.Jones@ trincoll.edu | (860) 297-2454

David Kingsley | Director, Sports Communications
David.Kingsley@trincoll.edu | (860) 297-2137

David has been the College’s Director of Sports Communications for over 15 years, handling all external relations for the College’s athletic department and varsity sports.

Noelle Marchaj |Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Noelle.Marchaj@trincoll.edu , (860) 297- 2363
Noelle has been at Trinity since 2010, and currently works on the Annual Fund team.  She completed a Trinity master’s degree in American Studies, and is very involved in alumni outreach and engagement.  Noelle also enjoys attending summer carillon concerts and was the captain of the Trinity dragon boat team. 

Wendy Vaillancourt| Associate Director of Human Resources
wendy.vaillancourt@trincoll.edu, (860) 297-2072
Wendy has been an Associate Director in Human Resources Department at Trinity College since January 2011.

Rob Walsh | Librarian, Social Sciences
Robert.Walsh@trincoll.edu, (860) 297-2246

Angie Wolf | Director of Planning & Operations, ITS
Angela.Wolf@trincoll.edu | (860) 297-2105
Angie has been at Trinity in the ITS department since 1990.