Campus Committees

Exempt staff council has representation on the following campus committees. Please feel free to contact these individuals with your ideas and concerns.
Benefits Committee: Terry Hosig and Kristin Gordon
Campus Climate Committee: Laura Lockwood, Joe Barber, and Amy DeBaun
Liaison to Non-Exempt Staff Council: Kate McGlew
Performance Management Advisory Group: Joe Barber, Dave Tatem, and Wendy DeLisa
Planning & Budget Council: Noelle Beach

Liaison from Non-Exempt Staff Council to ESC: Karen Paluso
Liaison from Senior Staff to ESC: Paul Mutone

In addition, members of the ESC executive board serve on ESC subcommittees:

Benefits: Terry Hosig, Laura Lockwood, Joe Barber
Performance Management: Jess German, Brett Jackson, Wendy DeLisa
Community Outreach: Mandi Haines, Amy DeBaun, Angie Wolf
By-Laws: Angie Wolf, Mandi Haines, Kate McGlew
Communications: Noelle Beach, Caroline Deveau, Kate McGlew